Creekside Jewelry Creations

The Artist

Cynthia is the owner, creator and artisan designer of Creekside Jewelry Creations. Born in Aurora, Illinois, she has studied the art of beadwork since the year 2000. Her passion for jewelry started as a young girl after she found herself enchanted by the “old” pins and necklaces her grandmother kept in a drawer. As she grew older, Cynthia began collecting various items, but vintage pieces were her main love prompted by those years spent playing with her grandmother’s many pieces of jewelry. Hooked, after taking a short class in early 2000 that had students design a simple pair of earrings, Cynthia took additional classes and began teaching herself to make jewelry. Initially, selling to friends and coworkers, her reputation quickly grew prompting an increasing demand for her custom work. Soon, she expanded into local boutiques.

Cynthia acquired many treasures during travels to San Francisco's Chinatown, Orlando, the Florida Keys, Washington DC, the Caribbean and other, less exotic, locales. In addition, she acquired a collection of beads from Ghana, Africa.

As a new resident of Northern Kentucky, she is again looking to expand into local boutiques and to acquire additional customers looking for one-of-a-kind custom pieces of jewelry.

Vintage Beads   Lampworked Beads
Swarovski Crystals   Czech Fire-Polished Crystals
Precious Gems   Japanese Miyuki Beads
Freshwater Pearls   Furnace Glass
Earth Minerals   Dichroic Glass
Metallic   African Trade Beads
Wood-Shell Beads   Fossil-Horn-Bone Beads
Amber Beads   Polymer Clay Beads
Harley-Davidson Logo Jewelry

This extensive collection gives Cynthia great latitude when creating her designs.